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Vortex Energy

Naturally revitalising water and land


When you look around you - it’s all about the spin.

The natural world energises everything via a vortex, spiralling motion.  

The double helix spiral of the DNA structure

A cyclone

The Milky Way

The inside of a vortex creates a vacuum. 

In that vacuum there is a pressure differential which creates energy, electricity and magnetism.

Putting the spin back in your water is one of the most fundamentally important things you can do for your health.

Beginning in 1997 the Centre for Implosion Research has been involved in water research based mainly on the implosion theories of Viktor Schauberger.

One of natures fundamental processes is implosion.  The Austrian Viktor Schauberger, the father of implosion technology saw implosion as the life generating principle and explosion as the life degenerating principle (Coats, 1996).


Using a phase contrast darkfield microscope at 4000 x magnification Dr. David Schweitzer is able to show the changes to the micro cluster structures of water as a result of being energised with a Vortex Energiser.


The image on the left shows standard London tap water with no cluster structure and small amounts of biophoton emissions.


The image in the middle and on the right show London tap water (at the same magnification) after being energised with the Vortex Energiser. They show increased structure and more vibrant biophoton emissions.


What is visible in the middle image are the branch like “female” structures, and in the right image the geometrical “male” structure.

According to Prof. Fritz Popp,  Biophotons are moleclar light emissions which regulate cell growth and cell regeneration. They also control all biochemical processes.

The Biofield Laboratory in Vienna have carried out independent tests showing that the physical properties pH and conductivity of water change in a subtle way with energisation. These changes appear to be a direct result of the clustering of the molecules when they are energised.

Another aspect of energised water that requires further investigation is the transformation of dissolved minerals into highly charged colloidal particles. There are indications that this transformation is taking place, which might explain why many people experience a reduction in the taste of chlorine and hardness after fitting a Vortex Energiser to their domestic water system.

Energising the Environment

In the course of their research it became clear that water was not the only element effected by vortex energy, so does the earth itself.  


Dr Phil Callahan a Schumann resonance researcher from Florida found that the Vortex Energisers produced similar millivolt readings to those measured in sacred structures all over the world.


You can read the full article about the Vortex Energiser and its harmonising frequency effect here

Everything in the universe vibrates and resonates with a unique frequency​ as shown by Quantum physics.  Professor Winfried Otto Schumann of the Technical University of Munich discovered that there are several frequencies that occur between 6 and 50 cycles per second, however the fundamental frequency or pulse of our planet was found to be 7.83 Hz and is thus called the Schumann Frequency.

Herbert König demonstrated a clear link between Schumann resonances and mammalian brain rhythms.  All biological life on earth including humans are influenced by the vibrational nature of our living planet.  

At the University of Düsseldorf E. Jacobi carried out research that showed the absence of Schumann waves creates mental and physical health problems in the human body.

Read a comprehensive report on all things Schumann

As man continues to pollute the airwaves so we also become more disconnected from the key harmonic frequency of the earth itself and it appears we do so at our own peril.

CIR Vortex Energiser

The purpose of the Vortex Energiser is to bring back the life force and resonance of the water, and the earth itself.

Vortex Energised water re-introduces the natural structures back into the water and gives the water back its natural life-force energy.  It makes the water more bio-available to your cells and allows your cells to gain full benefit of the waters innate energetic quality. 

This energy transference is achieved through resonance – with no need for direct contact.  Just as one tuning fork picks up the vibration of another, so does the vortex energy transfer itself.  No electrical supply is required.  The unit is attached directly onto the outside of the household water supply pipe.  (All instructions included at purchase).

We use WiFi and mobile phones every day and never question the method of transfer.  Water has the power to transfer energy and change its structure through frequency and vibration.

Recent research and discoveries by Dr Gerald Pollack have shown water actually has a 4th state which is called EZ or exclusion zone water.  For more in depth discussion on this and other aspects of water check out our article 

The true power of water.

vortex energiser house.jpg
The Original Vortex Energiser

The Vortex Energiser (20cm height, 18cm greatest width) is a spiralling copper device.


It contains water which has been prepared in an implosion machine.

It can be attached to a fridge, freezer, heating or cooling unit for 24 hrs before installing permanently on the main water supply.  

All instructions are supplied when purchasing.

The Industrial Vortex Energiser
industrial vortex energiser.jpg

The industrial Vortex Energiser (23cm x 19.6cm, approx 800grams) is being used for industrial and farming applications.


These applications have included wastewater, soil, compost and irrigation treatment on farms and plant nurseries in New Zealand and around the world.


Made from heavy gauge copper tubing and carrying 3 times the amount of energised water than the standard house model.

For more information and field studies please contact us directly at


Viktor believed it was important to store liquids in opaque egg shaped containers in darkness.  With no corners and crevices there is no stagnation,  and disease causing bacteria are much less likely to breed.

The constant convection and spiralling movement is what keeps the liquids stored inside fresh, cool and healthy. 


The Ancients knew this and used amphorae and egg-shaped urns as storage vessels made from natural materials.

CIR Water Egg Jug 1.5 litre

The Water Egg Jug™ (approx. 24 cm height, 13 cm diameter plus handle and spout) is glazed on the inside and holds approximately 1.5L of water.

Handmade from high silica content ceramic which allows the vessel to breathe. Being handmade it may have slight irregularities.

A small energised harmoniser filled with vortex energised water is embedded on the front of the jug.

It has a unique design feature.  You fill the jug by turning it upside down and filling it from the stand.  When it is turned back to the upright position the water remains inside.

CIR Water Egg 4.3 litres

The Water Egg™ (28 cm length x 19 cm greatest diameter) has been beautifully

handcrafted from ceramic clay, glazed on the inside, and comes complete with tap, stand and lid. It will store nearly one gallon (4.3 l) of liquid.

A harmoniser containing vortex energised water has been set into the lid with beeswax.  This ensures anything stored within will become energised.

The Water Egg™ can be used to store water, wine, juice, milk, or oil.

These are some of the reported changes shared by customers since 1998:

  • Water clarity is improved. Some people reportedly see a purply blue hue around the water, which is part of the emanations coming from the water

  • The quality and taste of the water is improved becoming less hard.

  • The taste and smell of chlorine is much reduced or even eliminated

  • Lime scale deposits have become softer and are eventually removed

  • Skin stays supple and soft after bathing in energised water

  • Fresh food and cut flowers last longer

  • Water staying fresh and alive and doesn’t become stagnant and foul smelling.

When the Vortex energiser is attached to the domestic water inlet pipe it energises all the water in the house.  This is instant and requires no further maintenance.  

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