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Hello, my name is Lee-Ann

welcome to our website.

At Health Support Naturally, we believe that great strength comes from being part of a community.

Alone we are strong.  Together we are brilliant

It is our hope that through the products and information we share on this website, we will help build a platform and a community to help and support others in their personal journey towards a healthier, happier, fuller life. 


Health Support Naturally has evolved over the last two years as my husband and I have both experienced massive transformations in our general health and well-being. This transformation has opened our minds to an ever increasing view of what is possible when you are physically, mentally and spiritually in balance and in wellness. When you are faced with any health crisis is can be very frightening.  The feeling of aloneness can be overwhelming and it can be challenging to know where to go for advice. I personally found it was critical to my mental wellbeing to have someone I could trust and work with on the road to recovery. 

If we had to summarise what Health Support Naturally is about, it is...

Supporting. Sharing. Growing. 

The aim of this platform is to:


· Source quality food products, supplements, and chemical free products you can trust. 

· Share simple home care recipes and healthy living tips - many from our wise ancestors. 

· Share natural remedies and alternatives to health problems 

· Provide good educational information about nutrition and wellbeing 

· Create a resource/directory for finding independent practitioners, and alternative health professionals 

· Create a support group structure through our Members platform where we can support each other. 


We hope enjoy your path of discovery through our website and the products and information we share here.



Our journey 

Here is a bit more about our own personal journeys and the changes we have made with what we put into our bodies and life choices which have led us to the place we are now.  

Lee-Ann Hamilton 

We all have a journey, a story to tell.  Mine is about over coming Cancer, recovering from two major accidents and two major surgeries.  Felt pretty battered and bruised to be honest.  When a family member told me about PXP I just said yes please, I have nothing to lose. I was in Medical Menopause and nothing I had tried was helping and the medical world had no help to offer.


I had a long list of health problems starting to get me down.  Not sleeping, hot flashes, aching joints, intense emotional episodes, anxiety, depression, lacking in energy, no clarity of mind.   The changes started to happen one month at a time and now 2 years on I feel great.  It is a journey that starts with that first step, that decision to change...even one thing.   Your body’s innate intelligence will focus on the most important things first, so listen to your body and believe in it's innate intelligence.  


My skin quality has also improved massively which is fantastic.  Friends noticed the change in my appearance and wanted to know what I was doing differently. I have shared my journey and now I am passionate about helping people improve their health.  I will be embarking on a Nutritional course very soon as I continue to learn more about how amazing our bodies really are.

Rory Hamilton 

As I headed towards 60 I found that the flavor of life had become very dull.  I suffered from bouts of depression and felt very isolated from everything and everyone. I had the thought at that time - it was going to be like this till I passed.  Then this wonderful PXP came into my life and since that time my life has changed massively.  I am happy, I love to talk to people, my head space has returned to one of youth but most of all I feel an intense connection to the life that surrounds me which fills me with a joy that I had left behind in my childhood. 

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