The true power of Water.

     What is energised structured water ....


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To answer this question we need to go on a journey of discovery ............

Water….it is such a fundamental necessity for our existence. 

This amazing substance has no shape but yet can take on any shape. 

It defies physics by its unique ability to be a solid, liquid, or gas and new research is showing that it also has a 4th structure called EZ water.

Nasa has confirmed that water came to earth after travelling through space. Comets are mainly ice and when they enter Earths atmosphere (which happens frequently) the water is released and forms clouds that fall to earth as rain.  Our physical bodies are 70% water so you could actually say we come from space!

Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian naturalist, environmentalist, and inventor. He was a man ahead of his time who spent a lot of time in the Austrian Alps studying nature and water. He came to see water as a living, pulsating substance that energizes all life. 


He called it a ‘living substance’. 


Viktor studied the way fish moved in living mountain streams, and how they could levitate up waterfalls from vortex structures they created by swimming vigorously in tight spirals. Provided the water remained cool as it does in a mountain stream under the forest canopy the fish could propel themselves up waterfalls and swim upstream against the current with little or no effort.

Did you ever put your hand over the plug hole as a child and feel the power of the water as it tried to go down the plug hole?  This is the power Victor came to understand and he designed pipes to transport water yet maintain the vortex motion that keeps the energizing lifeforce within the water.











By the time your water reaches you in your home man has tampered with it, stripping away its natural energy and vitality.  It has been forced to lay dormant in lakes and dams, chlorinated and fluoridated and then been forced to travel along straight pipes and streams in manmade structures.  All of these things are foreign to waters nature which is to curl, twist, and spiral as it makes the journey from the hidden reaches of the mountains and underground reservoirs into the world and eventually out to sea.



Water naturally wants to spiral, curl and tumble and it is this energizing movement that allows it to clean and energize itself. 


Ask a person of the land and they will tell you this natural motion of a living flowing stream will clean out the effects of a dead sheep 50 metres upstream leaving the water      downstream clean and pure.

Water can change its structure

A Japanese Scientist Dr Masaru Emoto proved that human consciousness and energy can alter the state of water providing us with visual proof that we are all energetic beings that effect the living world around us, including water.

Dr Emoto found a way to photograph water crystals that showed their hidden crystal structures. These crystal structures could be influenced by written words, prayer, and music.  Positive words, prayer and healing music would generate beautiful crystals while negative words and heavy metal music would create broken structures.

He photographed Tokyo sewer water which had no crystal structure when frozen and then he took the same sewer water and had a group of people circle a glass of this water and join hands.  They prayed and sent love to the water.

Here is the results of this experiment ….












Water is truly alive…….and we are intimately connected to it as we are also beings of water.  Over 70% of our structure is water.

One of his observations included the noticeable inability of chlorinated water to form any crystals at all.   However, if you took that chlorinated water and energized it with loving, happy energy crystals would begin to form.



From The Secret Power of Water by Masaru Emoto:

“The act of living is the act of flowing.

Water is always flowing with life, purifying what it encounters while it travels.

It carries with it the nourishment necessary for sustaining life while also carrying away impurities, giving life to all.

If a dam is built in a river to stop its flow, the river will die.

Likewise, if the blood flow gets dammed up somewhere in our bodies, it will mean the end of life.”


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So why is structured water so important to your health?

You can see from the work of both Victor and Masaru that water is strongly effected by vibrational frequency and movement.  These two aspects of water are what forms its structure and gives it 'life force'.

You may already know that 99% of your bodies molecular structure is water.  A healthy brain is 75-80% water, even your bones are 30% water.

For your cells to take in water and hydrate your body optimally the water molecules must be able to penetrate the cell wall and enter the interior of your cells where it is most needed.   

It appears that water in nature (structured) has a much higher percentage of 'hexagonal' structures which tend to cluster in small groupings of 5 to 20 molecules.  Pentagonal structures are more prevalent in bulk water (like town water) and they tend to cluster in larger groupings of 50 to 600. 

You can drink large quantities of this bulk water and still remain dehyrdrated as it is difficult for the water to penetrate the cell wall due to the large molecular clusters.

Science has also discovered that all of the water in your body is also highly structured and plays a critical role in the functioning of all the body systems.

Structured water is easily assimilated into the bodies systems whereas 'unstructured' water can be detrimental and strip the body of vital energy and minerals.

Some examples: 

  • Healthy DNA is encapsulated by a layer of structured water.

  • For proteins to be synthesized a layer of structured water is required.

  • Cellular energy generation is optimized by structured water.

If you look at water in its natural state it wants to move freely.  It will roll, tumble and spiral. When water is taken from nature, stored in a stagnant pool, sent down a pipe in a straight line, chemically purified and put into a plastic bottle it has no energy left, no structure.  In essence there is no life-force energy left within its structure and when you drink water that’s lost its life-force energy it has no vitality to offer your body.

The quality of the water you are drinking is where your health really starts.  For your cells to work optimally they need to be energized by water that has life force. 

To learn more about how to put the spin and/or the energy back in your water or even your land - visit our articles on Natures Design and Vortex Energy.

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The following is a worthwhile watch on yet another aspect of water that has recently been discovered by Dr Gerald Pollack.  He calls it the 4th State of Water where he has managed to prove yet again that water can change it's chemical structure.


In this short Ted X talk he shares what he has learned and how it is relevant to something we have all been told by health gurus for many years about Juicing. His research actually shows quite possibly why this is so good for you.