Amphorae or egg shapes create a natural spiralling, and vitalising movement that replicates how water cleanses and energises itself in nature.


Due to the shape of the Water Egg Jug it provides natural convection and spiralling motion to whatever liquid is placed inside it.  Fill your jug in the evening and in the morning you will find the water inside has a whole new softness, taste and potency.


This beautifully crafted Water Egg Jug™  has no lid and is tipped upside down to fill it.  See 1 min video on how to fill a jug.


Approx. 24 cm x 13 cm  in diameter not including the handle and spout, the jug holds 1.5 litres of liquid.


A Personal Harmoniser is embedded in the front of the jug to further energise the contents.  The jug is glazed on the inside and the outside is unglazed ceramic.   The high silica content of the clay also improves the resonance of the liquids just as glass does. 


Storing liquids in ceramic or stone also protects them from sunlight and heat.  Ceramic being porous allows for slight evaporation and will therefore cool the contents; whether it contains living water, oils or wine.


To learn more about structured energised water and why it is important for maintaining our health you can find more in depth information here


Delivery is approx 2 - 4 weeks

Vortex Water Egg Jug