The Industrial Vortex Water Energiser ™


The Vortex Energiser (23cm height, 19.6 greatest width) is a spiralling copper device. It contains water which has been prepared in an implosion machine. Implosion is one of the fundamental processes behind nature. The Austrian Viktor Schauberger, the father of implosion technology saw implosion as the life generating principle and explosion as the life degenerating principle (Coats, 1996).

The Vortex Energiser is used to improve the energetic quality of water. Direct contact with water is not necessary as the energy is transferred by way of vibration. This process is similar to one tuning fork picking up the vibration of another and is also called resonance. No electrical power supply is required.


The Industrial Vortex land and water energiser has been made from heavy guage copper tubing with a 50% larger diameter than the standard household model making it robust enough for industrial application and  providing 3 times the volume of imploded energised high-frequency water.


In trials the Industrial Vortex Energiser was able to turn compost from an anaerobic state to an aerobic state.  They have been well received by plant nurseries and dairy farms around New Zealand.


Other applications have also included septic tanks, soil, compost, and irrigation treatment.  Long time users have found they no longer require cleaning of their septic tanks.


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Industrial Vortex Energiser