A stunning water dispenser for your home , office or healing centre. 

The patented water tap is easy to use and has been designed for frequent use. It is made of chrome steel with a silicone washer/seal.


The carafe revitalises liquids placed within it due to its physical shape. and this effect is guaranteed as long as the shape is preserved.  No additional electrical, magnetic, intentional or any other kind of energetic inputs are required to create the revitalisation effect.

(See our info at Natures Design for more information).


The centre tube comes with the Carafe and can be filled with Ice to chill the water without the ice contaminating the revitalised water within the carafe.  You can also add gems and crystals to the tube to further energise the water.  



  • Platinum  Flower of Life etched on the base.
  • Designed to follow the Golden Ratio
  • Centre tube for the insertion of Ice or Gems and Crystals
  • Mouthblown using traditional workmanship
  • Structures Water & Liquids in 3 minutes 
  • Lead-free glass suitable up to 70°C / 158° F.
  • 5  and 10 Litre Capacity options.


30 day guarantee on all products returned in good order, excluding shipping.


Alladin 5 litre Beauty